2020 Europe maps package for MMI 3G High

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Now you don’t need to go to Audi service and waste your time and lot of money to make navigation and firmware up to date! Using our service your can make everything by yourself when you will have free time for that.

This package is only for MMI 3G High (firmware version starts from HNav_…)

Package includes:

  • latest firmwares for your MMI (version 0257_6)
  • latest Europe maps of 2020 year
  • detailed instructions – that made especially for non-experts to allow Audi car owners perform update by yourself
  • activation for new maps for your car

Total time of updating is about 2,5-3 hours (depends on current firmware version).

After payment you will be able to find download links in your account (in Downloads section).

All you need is one SD-card for 32 GB (for maps), and one or two SD-cards for no less than for 2 GB (for firmware updating and activation). All SD-card should be in FAT32 format.

NOTE: All our firmwares and maps are genuine. To have smooth update you just need to read carefully our instructions.

When you will finish updating, you don’t need to use SD cards, as all data will be stored on HDD inside MMI unit.

1 review for 2020 Europe maps package for MMI 3G High

  1. Christos Balabanis (verified owner)

    I have just updated my maps from 2014 to 2020 on Audi Q5 with MMI 3G. Great support & everything was full documented. I will buy again & again. Thank you once again. Christoper

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